Anti Allergy Bedding – How Does It Work?

Anti Allergy Bedding - How Does It Work?Trying to get a good night sleep without being disturbed by bed bugs, dust mites, mold, mildew or other skin allergens – try using allergy proof bedding or anti allergy bedding.

Allergy sufferers, chronic sinus sufferers, eczema sufferers and those with asthma should consider getting these to help them breath and sleep easier.

Those who travel a lot might want to buy one of these dust mite proof bedding set too. Bringing home bed bugs from hotel rooms is possible. You wouldn’t want your mattress to be contaminated with dust mites and bed bugs from your travels.

If you’re suffer from allergies, then the allergy proof bedding might be your answer to a more restful sleep at night.

Regular use of these dust mite proof comforters, mattress and pillow protectors minimizes allergy symptoms flare-up.

Allergy pillow protector, duvet plus comforter covers and all cotton allergy mattress covers completely encase your pillow and mattress, keeping out the allergens, spills as well as odors.

Bedding With Allergy Protection

What to look out for if you want good protection from dust mites, bed bugs etc – soft breathable material that encase the whole mattress, bed bug proof zipper, material that doesn’t crinkle or made noise when you roll over on your bed, and waterproof.

Do you prefer the soft feel of silk or cotton on your skin?

You’ll feel the difference the next morning. A clear nose, no puffy eyes and for eczema or psoriasis sufferers, you’ll experience less scratching throughout the night.

Minimize discomfort using bedding with allergy protection – you’ll be happy with the results.

Bedcare All Cotton Allergy Comforter Cover

BedCare All-Cotton Allergy Comforter Cover
BedCare All-Cotton Allergy Comforter Cover

This is a 100% cotton allergy comforter cover that helps keep out the dust mites, bed bugs, mold spores, and pollen.

The box quilted design white bedding comforter has a hypoallergenic fiber fill

The lightweight material is non heat radiating and breathable – ensures a cool and comfortable sleep.

If you’re into organic bedding, then you can check out their organic cotton allergy comforter cover.

So, how does it work?

The all cotton allergy comforter cover by Bedcare comes with a 2-part BugShield Protection System.

The zipper is locked into place once zipped. This prevents it sliding backwards. This super tight closure will prevent allergens and pests from getting in or out.

The 2nd. layer of protection (BugShield Bug Blocker) adds another barrier that closes the ends of the zippered area.

The cover creates a tightly woven barrier with a small pore size of 2.6 micron, which is smaller than the size of the allergens.

The tight zipper closure as well as the small pore size of the fabric prevent allergens and bugs from getting in or out.

These allergens have been tested to be unable to move in and out of the fabric or locked zipper area.

Made in USA, these anti allergy comforter covers come with lifetime warranty.

BedCare All-Cotton Allergy Mattress Covers

BedCare All-Cotton Allergy Mattress Covers
BedCare All-Cotton Allergy Mattress Covers

Sharing your mattress with dust mites, mold spores, pollen – Yikes! doesn’t sound great indeed.

These bedroom allergens might be the reason why you toss and turn all night long, depriving you of a quality sound sleep.

The made in USA all cotton mattress covers by Bedcare are woven in such a way that they form a tightly woven and near impenetrable barrier against pests and bed bugs. It is like a mattress bag for bed bugs prevention.

Made of 100% breathable cotton fabric that does not store heat, these allergy proof mattress covers are available in 22 sizes, from Crib to California King.

So, how does it work?

The mattress cover comes with a patented 2 part BugShield system, the BugShield Zipper Lock and the BugShield Bug Blocker.

Once zipped, the zipper slide is locked in place and prevented from sliding back even for a little bit. This is made possible by the auto locking system of the zipper. There is just no opening, no matter how small, for the bugs to enter or leave.

On top of this, there is a second layer of protection. There is another added barrier that closes the last inch of the zipper from below to create a secondary fabric shield.

With these 2 layers of barrier, you can effectively prevent dust mites, bed bugs etc from getting through.

The fabric is woven in such a way that the pore size is only 2.6 microns, a size too small for the pests to crawl through.

It comes with lifetime warranty.

If 100% all cotton is not what you’re looking for in an anti allergy or bed bug mattress cover, then you can check out the one made of 100% stretch knit polyester.

This polyester allergy mattress cover comes with the same type of patented 2 part BugShield system as well as a lifetime warranty.

Complete the set with the 100% all cotton allergy proof pillow cases for a total allergy bedding protection system against bed bugs and allergens for restful sleep.

Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Protection Kit

Protect-A-Bed Allerzip Smooth Allergy Bug Mattress Encasement Protector King 6
Protect-A-Bed Allerzip Smooth Allergy Bug Mattress Encasement Protector King 6″

If you’re really concern about bed bug infestation in your bedroom, then the complete bed bug protection kit will certainly appeal to you.

Yes, you can bug proof your bedroom by encasing your mattress, box spring and your pillows with special bug proof bedding.

This bug protection kit includes:

  • One Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Mattress Encasement
  • One Bed Bug-Proof Box Spring Encasement (you’ll get 2 if you have a King or California King bed)
  • Two AllerZip Pillow Protectors

AllerZip Smooth Mattress Encasement

By creating an impenetrable barrier around your mattress, bugs and bedroom allergens are stopped in their tracks. They can’t move in or out of your mattress.

The Allerzip mattress encasement does a great job in preventing bed bugs etc from penetrating into your mattress.

Besides that, this mattress protector comes with waterproof Miracle Membrane that seals out moisture and liquids and helps protect from stains.

It keeps out the bugs as well as moisture.

Bed Bug-Proof Box Spring Encasement

The box spring is another part of your bedroom bedding set that needs a complete cover up to keep out the bed bugs, dust mites and other equally annoying allergens.

This can be easily done by having a good quality anti allergy box spring protector or encasement that acts as an impenetrable barrier to all these pests/allergens.

The Bed Bug-Proof Box Spring Encasement also comes with a patented BugLock feature with SecureSeal. The function of this SecureSeal is to prevent the zipper from pulling back and exposing the box spring.

2 AllerZip Pillow Protectors

This pillow protector comes with the same features as the mattress protector. Besides completely encasing the pillow, its waterproof feature helps in preventing stains and spills.

Its three-sided zipper construction and an allergen flap give added protection.

Anti Allergy Bedding

So, if you’re suffering from allergies, wary of bed bugs infestation, tossing and turning in your sleep, then you should really consider buying anti allergy bedding for your bedroom/dorm room.